open lecture 1: UTILITAS

on June 27th, 2011, 5:30 pm at Büro Schwimmer.
please send a small note if you come to sveneggers (at) buero-schwimmer (dot) de

An evening of open lectures on use
as a resumée of the latest Schwimmertours.

The open lectures 1 is a cooperation of Büro Schwimmer and architectuul.

Building up on the experiences of seeing different examples of use and state of houses in the last architectural tours we want to examine the role/definitions of function and use for appropriation (occupance).

an overview with slides,plans and architectuul on the latest tours.

open lectures

Cedric Price and "the functional side of High Tech" in comparision to Ludwig Leo
- Christian Burkhard (architectuul)

Leo's contemporaries Mario Galvagni (*1928) and Maurizio Sacripanti (1916-1996)
- Michele Stavagna (architect and art historian, University of Triste, writer for Der Architekt)

On Muthesius
- Katja Bechmann (translator)

Merce Cunningham taking space
- Ana Isabel Keilson (historian and choreographer, Columbia University, New York

functionalist, rationalist, utilitarist
- Sven Eggers (architect and curator, Büro Schwimmer, writer for 1:1 and Forum)

comparison of residential area city plannning in GDR and USSR 1955 - 1985
- Agnese Kusmane (art historian, University of Riga)

Short portrait of Georg Heinrichs

Discussion of movies of the Marshall plan


an overview with slides and plans on the next tours

snack and drinks at Bornholmer Hütte


If you want to give a 15 minutes lecture to an aspect of the topic of an evening, please send a short description latest two days before the event to:
sveneggers (at) buero-schwimmer (dot) de.

More on the tours.

all photos: Sven Eggers