excursion to the Römische Bäder in the park of Sans Souci

in Potsdam and the locations of Mies famous early brick stone and concrete Landhouses.

on Monday, November 14th, 2011, 9:30 am

Just few places are left! Please register immediately if you want to join in:
Write to sveneggers (at) buero-schwimmer (dot) de
The tour costs 10 euros, reduced it's 5 euros.

meeting point is Potsdam Charlottenhof train station at nine o'clock.
You can reach the station with S-Bahn than Potsdam tram or strait from Berlin with Deutsche Bahn (it's half an hour from Friedrichstraße).

From there it's a 15 minutes walk to the Baths. Please be in time.

The tour will end in a place with drinks and food and discussions nearby.

Römische Bäder

The so called Roman Baths by Schinkel, Persius and the later king Friedrich Wilhelm (IV)
Planned and built in the years 1829 - 1840 after finishing Charlottenhof.
It consists of the gardeners house, where among others, Lenné and Humboldt stayed, a tea pavillion, several smaller buildings and the area of the roman baths, on which we will concentrate.
It seems possible that Mies van der Rohe studied this place well for his conception of the glass room / Kristallsaal (from 1927) and the Deutscher Pavillon in Barcelona, ninety years later in 1929, but we'll find inspirations for example for the Haus Lemke, that we visited already.

If there is time and interest we could visit two sites, that were supposed to be used by Mies van der Rohe:

the brickstone and the concrete villa projects of Mies van der Rohe

The Landhaus aus Backstein / villa from brickstone was designed around 1923, the Landhaus in Eisenbeton in concrete was planned in 1924. Of both just very view drawings and a photo of one modell remained.
But investigations make it seem, that both were designed to be the architect's house, and there are two locations both near the Heiliger See and the Jungfernsee / Havel, one opposed to the Schinkel Casino.

More on the other tours.

The Tour is a cooperation of Büro Schwimmer and architectureinberlin.

all photos: Sven Eggers