An evening with Büro Schwimmer

Friday, January 23rd, 009 at Wonderbar, Berlin

The Büro Schwimmer started into the new year with guests and an introduction to some new projects.

19.00 Wonderbar opens
19.30 Das kann man nicht erzählen The Operation 1005 - how the Nazis erase the traces of their mass murder in eastern Europe. Jens Hoffmann read from his recently published book, followed by a talk with sociologist Mike Hartwig. Lecture and talk were held in German.
Jens Hoffmann is historian and writes for the German cultural-political magazine konkret.
21.00 Presentation of Büro Schwimmer, release of the online edition of the multilangual cultural magazine 1:1 by Sven Eggers and
21.30 of the Permanent Bookshop and the Permanent Gallery in Brighton by Laura Mousavi, Lee Shearman and Matt Fleming.

22.30 1:1 music.

There were drinks at the bar, glögi and mulled wine got drunken. Artist's book of the Permant bookshop as well as the magazine and films and catalogues of Schwimmer were on sale. The entrance was free. The video Schwarzfahren (2004/09) by Freja Bäckman was running.

Wienerstraße 45, Berlin-Kreuzberg