Schwimmerfilm organizes film programmes, gives lectures and distributes films.
Schwimmerfilm also awards the Findling price in cooperation with the German association of Film Communication at the Federal Video Festival in Rostock.
Film talks and organization of tours with prize-winning films as the Findlingstour 2014 with "2000 square metres with garden" by Tama Tobias Macht. Oct. 8. to 12, 15 dokumentart: The Findling Award goes to Metal Bread by Chingiz Narynov and to Tanja No. 5 by Dimitri Kubasov Film talks with Eggers of the film commission. > more 2013 jury of dokumentart Film Festival
2014 "Timeout Heinävesi" pitching with Sven Eggers
2014 film programme at Kuopio Cinema, Finland
2014 lecture, Theatre Kuopio, by Sven Eggers
2014 jury of dokumentart Film Festival
2015 film programmes for North-Germany in collaboration with LVFK Filmkommunikation, the umbrella organization of cultural cinemas and filmclubs.
2015 subtitling with Perforante Translations Berlin
2015 open desk at Tampere film festival film programme for Joensuu, Finland and film lecture by Sven Eggers 2016 Findlingstournee 2016Findling tour with winner Invisible and director Zofia Pregovska.

Schwimmer film distribution

Schwimmer has a focus on poetical documentation and artist's films.
Films are offered on 35mm, 16mm, Beta and DVD, with German and English subtitling. We also offer packages of films on selected topics and with introductions and / or seminars. We also offer courses for projectionists, curses just on demand. Schwimmerfilm is responsible for the programming of Festivals such as Fusion, Lärz; the Finnish Film Festival Moi Suomi in Berlin, or Prora06. Besides we offer topic-related compiles with introductions and seminars.

Findling Award tour 2015

April 24 - May 5: Filmtour with Majub's Journey and director Eva Knopf, winner of the filmfestival dokumentart Findling price.

The Schwimmer film stock in distribution

The complete work of Audrius Stonys
The complete work of Sibylle Hofter
The complete work of Freja Bäckman
"Travel dog / Reisehund" of GUP-py
"Fox and Animal" of Jon Frickey (D 2006 22:58 min. cartoon)
"Die Grenze des Erlaubten - Grüne Gentechnik in Mecklenburg" of Sabine Hellmann (D 2007 40 min. german and english subtitles)
"Durst haben" of Carolina Hellsgård (D 2006, Betas SP, 10 min.)
Nedotaknjen / Untouched by Miha Erman.
SLO 2009, 15 min. 35 mm
soon: The complete work of Tama Tobias Macht
Haltestelle Hansaring
Frau Macht
2000m2 mit Garten / 2000sqm with Garden (Findling price, dokumentart, Neubrandenburg 2013)

All films are available in DVD-format in our online-shop for private use as well as for public screenings with screening rights.