the Schwimmers

Sven Eggers Architecture excursions, lecturer, curator (e.g. Kuldiga symposium, Normalnull), editor of 1:1. Architect in Berlin.

Sibylle Hofter Curator of Normalnull and Kawiarnia Europa. Fine artist and curator, Berlin.

Katja Bechmann Architecture excursions. Translator, Berlin.

Daniel Sellek City desk Sofia. Designer, producer, Sofia.

Dan Allon graphic novelist, performer, Ramat Gan.

Aida Miron 1:1, architecture. Architect, lecturer at Cooper Union, New York.

Agnese Kusmane Organisation Kuldiga symposium. Art historian and landscape architect, Riga.

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district offices:
tours, 1:1 & distribution:
Nord. Sven Eggers. ++49 30 44 32 33 76 sveneggers(at)buero-schwimmer(dot)de.
Normalnull & edition:
Mitte. Sibylle Hofter. Torstraße 106, D-10119 Berlin, ++49 30 - 25 700 547 sibyllehofter(at)buero-schwimmer(dot)de.
city desk Sofia:
The Balkans. Daniel Sellek.
Svimera birojs:
Baltic. Agnese Kusmane. 23 Marijas iela 6, Riga LV 1011, Latvia. +37129333720 agnesekusmane(at)buero-schwimmer(dot)de.
las Americas:
Aida Miron. 543 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA. ++1-347-784-7796 aidamiron(at)buero-schwimmer(dot)de

Büro Schwimmer is a heterogeneous structure created primarily by artists. Büro Schwimmer is a curatorial platform. It is a frame for all managerial aspects through which members can work independently, and/or invite others to participate with them.
Membership can be temporary or long-term.

Beginning in the summer of 2005, Büro Schwimmer has facilitated diverse projects including film distribution, publication, international art-in-context exhibitions, lectures and research. Topics range from the phenomenology of architectural use to the Shoah.

Creating a new web appearance is an ongoing project.