The Schwimmer image agency is currently being developed. It will show and distribute works by visual artists in the field of news photography.
At its centre are images that not only result from conventional news items but also from more mundane, local events or occurences.

Priorities are set - apart from the ability to produce a consensus - by artistic criteria, or criteria set by the authors themselves. Even though external form is borrowed by the traditional news coverage, contents and general intention follow artistic maxims.

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temporary desks in Dhaka (2017), Douala|Cameroon, Greece, Turkey, Lyon, Vienna, Heilbronn, Shanghai, Sofia (2014-2016), Haifa, Budapest, Sydney, Cairo (2011)

News is what is accepted as news.
The framework of this news image agency is conceived as a specific public space that also doubles as an exhibition space.
The intention is to assemble an image of public society and political realities from individual perspectives.