OPEN CALL Bangladesh

bangla version বাংলায় coming soon

please check out for occasional updates

TIME frame

register q&a and updates in the facebook group OPEN CALL Schwimmer

1st round: deadline 2018 april 30
may-june: short-listed projects send in detailed proposals
2nd round: june-july public discussion of short-listed projects in Dhaka
final decision: after discussion
realisation: until july 2019 - preferably winter (exceptional prolongation negotiable)

if you don't manage to sufficiently write in english, please send in additional texts in bangla.
applications only in bangla will not be processed

SEND IN for the first round: - max. 1 page each

1. project description
what do you want to do with whom and where (no ideology, no theory)

2. societal context, your motivation
please talk about your specific observations in societal context or just about your personal involvement with the project
optional weblinks welcome

3. your background (a narrative, not CV) (collectives: 2 pages)
we want to get an idea of the journey of your life and about how you understand your work;
you don't need to be great

4. Describe the planned process, include foreseeable problems and solutions
step by step: what needs to be done in the realisation process of the project.
If you have a full time job: when and how will you realise the project next to your job?

5. rough budget
if you are in need, you can calculate living wage for the team.
operate economically

6. summaries of 1-5